Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice

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Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice

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Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice Description


Boost profitability without cutting costs or increasing revenues Medical practices face serious financial challenges.

>Staff and costs are already cut to the bone. Payers fight physicians for every penny of reimbursement. Revenues aren t likely to soar anytime soon.
So what can be done to increase profitability? This perfectly-timed book provides good answers and ready-to-use tools by Six Sigma Black Belt Frank Cohen and Practice Management expert Owen Dahl in Mastering Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice: Improving Profitability by Improving Processes.

Step by step, this book explains how to use Lean Six Sigma decision-making processes, team-building principles and efficiency-boosting tools to do more without increasing costs. That means more of the revenue that comes in goes right to the bottom line. Plus, you ll learn the secrets of using data analysis to hold payers feet to the fire to optimize revenue. Six Sigma practices have revolutionized other businesses. Now, by being ahead of your field in applying them to the medical business, you ll put your practice way ahead. In fact, don t be surprised if you find yourself at an upcoming conference presenting a case study about your own thriving practice. NOTEWORTHY FEATURES:
Real skill-building for making decisions and using process-improvement teams even if you re in a solo practice Lean Six Sigma exclusively for medical practices you can apply improvement strategies directly to everything from managing litigation and payer behavior to gaining more control over office operations and clinical efficiency.
A sharp focus on the business model giving practice profitability the level of attention that s previously been focused solely on quality of care.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: What s In It For Me? Lean Six Sigma benefits for healthcare providers, administrators, frontline staff, attorneys, consultants and payers.
Chapter 2: Process Improvement How to map processes to the revenue cycle to drive efficiency and profitability.
Chapter 3: Team Building How process improvement (PI) teams differ from other teams and how to create and use them.
Chapter 4: Project Management How to streamline, eliminate bottlenecks, and use data and metrics for making PI decisions.
Chapter 5: TPI Toolbox 24 Lean Six Sigma tools tailored specifically for medical practices.
Chapter 6: Deployment Using Lean Six Sigma tools to cut denials due to CCI edit policy by 50%, speed patient registration, complete entire patient visits in 60 minutes, and make other profit- boosting improvements.
Chapter 7: What's Next? The vital role Lean Six Sigma plays in the future of health care and practice profitability.


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