Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The E-Myth Chiropractor

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The E-Myth Chiropractor

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The E-Myth Chiropractor La revue


As you know, running a successful chiropractic practice is a juggling act. You need clinical expertise to provide impeccable care to your patients. You also need the know-how to run a small business. You ve probably been well prepared by your education and experience for the technical ins and outs of chiropractic practice. Yet what training has prepared you to run a business?

The E-Myth Chiropractor fills this knowledge gap, giving you a complete toolkit for either starting a successful practice from scratch or maximizing an existing practice s performance. Loaded with practical, powerful advice you can implement easily, this one-stop guide enables you to realize all the benefits that come with a thriving chiropractic business.

Combining the wisdom of renowned business development expert Michael E. Gerber and the chiropractic expertise of Dr. Frank Sovinsky, The E-Myth Chiropractor equips you to:

- Rethink your practice, shifting from tactical thinking (working in your business) to strategic thinking (working on your business)

- Liberate yourself from the predictable and often overwhelming tyranny of unprofitable, unproductive, and time-consuming routines

- Manage those processes through which people get things done, which becomes your Management System - for everything you do

- Implement innovative systems to produce consistent results as your practice grows

- Create the story about your practice; this story becomes the heart of your practice


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