Friday, March 27, 2015

What Color Is Blue?

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What Color Is Blue?

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What Color Is Blue? Description


Based on the true life of Dr. William E. Boyd, a blind dad. Even as a preteen, young William was destined to be a notable person. His independence was guiding him to a promising career and a long, adventurous life. But that road led in front of an artillery cannon that 'bit' his ambitions, and reshaped his worth. At the age of 17 while serving in the cavalry in 1936, he became blinded for life in a horrific accident that would have meant failure for any other persona. After over two years in the hospital, William Boyd began an episode that would make him an admired icon amongst his peers. Along the way, he gathered strength and punishment for himself. After working in a broom factory with no purpose, he stumbled upon an opportunity to become more worthy of his life. After many attempts, he was finally accepted into Texas Chiropractic College as their first blind student. Upon graduating, he now had to make the world accept him as a healer. But first, he had to accept himself. He found that love was just as hard finding as his sight. His chiropractic practice grew, and he expanded into the realtor business. His achievements included reading over 10,000 books (making him able to converse on most topics), being nominated by a local newspaper as the most successful disabled veteran businessperson, raising a family, promoting education, and becoming the longest practicing chiropractor in the world at the time of his death in 1999. The title is explained in the last chapter. No peeking.

His story was finally told to me, his son, on his death bed. He died the next day after this story was told. It includes adventure, tragedy, humor, laughter, romance, punishment, anger, and tears. But most of all, it tells of an admiration for a man that had worth. It taught the author that a person's worth can be estimated by how many attend your funeral. The church was packed at my dad's memorial service..

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